Back in 2011 or so, while working at the College of Community Health Sciences, I ambitiously decided to create an iOS app. The intent was to essentially mirror what was already contained in a WordPress website with health resources for rural medical professionals.

For this project, I used Appcelerator Titanium. It’s been quite a while since I worked on it, but I believe that the app had a small SQLite database that was set up to ahead of time to receive information from a WordPress site. I had a PHP script on the WordPress server that, when hit with a request, would essentially load just enough of WordPress to be able to be able to query the database using a WP function. The data was sent back and parsed as JSON data and stored in SQLite. This was all well before the WordPress API was an option, and looking back on it, the method feels incredibly crude (2011 is also a really long time ago in webdev). The UI and routing were written in JavaScript.

The process worked surprisingly well. This was really my first foray into real development work outside of WordPress, and it definitely was the start of a growing passion for real development work.